Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 1

Day 1

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Spider, Brigands

Session 2

Day 2

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Hydra

Halfling thief and halfling fighter/thief critically injured. 10 days recovery mandated

Day 12

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Troglodytes

Session 3

Day 13

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Skeletons, rats, wererat

Day 14

In town. Magic-user/cleric casts find familiar. Gets a cat and 3 hp

Tony’s cleric goes to training. Will return on day 37.

Session 4

Day 15

Rooms cleared:

Enemies fought: orcs

Bentley severely wounded. 8 days recovery time. Will return on Day 23.

The adventurers have paid the 10gp monthly rate at the Laughing Bear Inn. Payment is due again on Day 43.

Session 5

Bentley spent 8 days recovering from his trauma. He then spent 14 days running a strip show with illusion spells.

Tony’s cleric returned from training on Day 37 and is now level 2.

Day 38 (February 10)

Rooms cleared:

Returned to the orc rooms to discover them restocked with monsters, but not treasure.

Bentley died during a skeleton fight due to a horrendous “crap-crit” accident.

Session 6

Session 6

Day 39 (February 11)

PCs: Malachai, Sashy, Fallon

Rooms cleared:

Malachai suffers significant trauma from a guillotine trap. 9 days of recovery mandated

Day 43 (February 15)

Inn fees come due. 10 gp x 5.

Day 48 (February 20)

Caught in a teleport trap. Rare random encounter was adventuring party who led them home. Elf wizard leader, dwarf, human, halfling rogue named Monty. Also repaired Fallon’s bow string, which was lost to a critical failure.

Sashy achieves Second level ranger and spends 1500 GP and 5 days in training. Will return on Day 53.

Session 7

Day 53 (February 25)

Level 2 of the dungeon.

Opponents: Orcs

Rooms cleared:

Day 54 ((February 26)

Opponents: Ghouls

Players: Mike, Brandon. Ashlee, Luke, Mikos

Luke gained a level in rogue. 7 days training time.

Session 8

Day 61 (March 5)

Second level of the dungeon

Ticks, frogs

First level

Zombie kitchen

Session 9

Day 62 (March 6)

Hell hound, wizard

Tony’s cleric leveled up. 21 days training time. Will return on Day 83.

Day 63 (March 7)

Mike learning spells

Session 10

Stuff happened


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