Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 5

Bentley spent 8 days recovering from his trauma. He then spent 14 days running a strip show with illusion spells.

Tony’s cleric returned from training on Day 37 and is now level 2.

Day 38 (February 10)

Rooms cleared:

Returned to the orc rooms to discover them restocked with monsters, but not treasure.

Bentley died during a skeleton fight due to a horrendous “crap-crit” accident.

Session 4

Day 15

Rooms cleared:

Enemies fought: orcs

Bentley severely wounded. 8 days recovery time. Will return on Day 23.

The adventurers have paid the 10gp monthly rate at the Laughing Bear Inn. Payment is due again on Day 43.

Session 3

Day 13

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Skeletons, rats, wererat

Day 14

In town. Magic-user/cleric casts find familiar. Gets a cat and 3 hp

Tony’s cleric goes to training. Will return on day 37.

Session 2

Day 2

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Hydra

Halfling thief and halfling fighter/thief critically injured. 10 days recovery mandated

Day 12

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Troglodytes

Session 1

Day 1

Rooms cleared:

Monsters fought: Spider, Brigands


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