Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 19

Day 106 (April 22)

Roan is the only continuing member of the party. Boots is replaced by a half-elf fighter/mage and Tynian by another human cleric. Also added a human fighter to the mix.

Fought an olive slime and two slime creatures. Found a room with lots of levers and a robe of wisdom. The robe will provide its benefit on day 136.

Session 18

Day 105 (April 21)

Boots and Tynian and their wizard hireling attempted to penetrate the second level of the dungeon. They were killed in the line of duty fighting 4 giant bombardier beetles. One of the Beatles has survived with 4 hp left. I have named him Ringo.

Session 17

Day 104 (April 20)

Roan, Halfling Thief joined the party. Fought xvarts

Session 16

Day 101 (April 17)

Cleaned up after hobgoblins

Day 102 (April 18)

Spent day healing

Day 103 (April 19)

Fought spider

Session 15

Day 100 (April 16)

Fought shrieker, and hobgoblins.

Session 14

Day 97 (April 13)

Killed Grimlock leader, fought Apparition to stalemate. Boots, Tony and Magic User hireling immune to Apparition in Room 30. Dwarf Thief died.

Tony leveled. 3 days training time. Will return on Day 100.

Session 13

Day 96 (April 12)

Entered dungeon with 2 henchmen: Dwarf Thief and Human Magic User.

Session 12

Day 85 (April 1)

Brought wine to the surface

Day 86 (April 2)

Boots leveled. 10 days training, returning on day 96.
Tony’s Cleric initiated the henchman process, to be completed by day 91

Session 11

Day 84 (March 28)

Fought orcs and Ogre

Luke leveled. 6 days in training. Will return Day 90

Session 10

Stuff happened


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