Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 6

Session 6

Day 39 (February 11)

PCs: Malachai, Sashy, Fallon

Rooms cleared:

Malachai suffers significant trauma from a guillotine trap. 9 days of recovery mandated

Day 43 (February 15)

Inn fees come due. 10 gp x 5.

Day 48 (February 20)

Caught in a teleport trap. Rare random encounter was adventuring party who led them home. Elf wizard leader, dwarf, human, halfling rogue named Monty. Also repaired Fallon’s bow string, which was lost to a critical failure.

Sashy achieves Second level ranger and spends 1500 GP and 5 days in training. Will return on Day 53.



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