Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 25

Day 150

Cleric only session this time. Ashlee and Tony both brought their clerics and nobody else showed up.

Today, they explored more of the southwestern corner of the first level, discovering an alternate access to the second level, but also getting infected with ear seekers. They hurried back to town and got remove disease cast on the ASAP.

Day 151

More exploration, including discovering the other end of the teleport trap that they first discovered back on Day 48.

Near death by giant ants. The two clerics were rescued by adventuring dwarves. Once fully recovered, Tony hawked his healing services for a day, earning 400 gp that he donated directly to the Dwarven Ale Fund. The dwarves were so impressed with the gesture that they have granted Tony’s cleric a henchman, a dwarven fighter.



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