Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 24

Day 133(May 21)

Due to training times, we decided to skip ahead so that we didn’t have to keep rolling new characters for every treasure haul. The party was Ashlee’s Fighter/Mage (second level in each), Eric’s Paladin and Tony’s thief (that he hadn’t played in ages).

Cleared out the cult. Two dwarven clerics of Demogorgon and an assassin. Not far from there, they discovered a room lined with metal and a magically locked puzzle door. It was a pretty healthy stash, especially when Ashlee roll a 100 on the gem table. Everyone there gained multiple levels on the spot.

Day 134 (May 22)

Before they all went off to class training, they decided to fill out a little bit more of the map. They went back to the snake fountain to check out the last passage leading off of it. They found the birds nesting grounds, but no treasure. Fought off a few snakes.

They all then proceeded to train up.

Ashlee’s Fighter/Mage is now Fighter 4/ Magic User 3 when she returns on Day 181 (July 16)
Eric’s Paladin is now level 4 when he returns on Day 180 (July 15)
Tony’s Thief was the most dramatic, achieving level 5 from level 1, but requiring 82 days of training. He’ll be available on Day 214 (August 21)

We will reconvene on Day 150(June 10) with Ashlee’s Cleric, Tony’s Cleric, Eric’s Fighter, and Cody’s choice of Ranger or Druid.



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