Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 21

Day 110 (April 26)

Successfully navigated the moat of blades and got a pretty healthy treasure haul. So healthy that nearly every character was able to level up, even the new guy who was joining us that session. Only Boot’s character didn’t level, but such is the price of multiclassing in OSRIC.

There were also some Bloody Axe orcs, which are different from the Grinning Skull orcs who occupy the first room of the second level. We’ll get into that later, I’m sure.

Training Times:

Eric’s Fighter: 26 days (Returns on Day 136)
Cody’s Druid: 21 days (Returns on Day 131)
Tony’s Cleric: 27 days to get to level 2, 9 days to get to level 3 (Yes, he got the XP and GP to level twice) (Returns on Day 146)



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