Castle of the Mad Archmage

Session 31

Day 189 (July 21)

Ashlee (F/MU) and Eric (Paladin) brought in Rowan (Thief) as henchman. Fun exploration and cunning traps. A few ghouls guarding a treasure chest. A few injuries, but they decide to take some time to recover, returning to the dungeon on Day 193 (July 25)

Found the heucuvas and their treasure and another cunning trap.

Session 30

Day 181 (July 13)

Ashlee (F/MU) and Eric (Paladin) only tonight. Mostly exploring, but centipedes provide some excitement. No deaths, no leveling.

Session 29

Day 175 (July 7)

Did some more exploring. Met some Jackalweres who helped fill in the map before becoming far too suspicious to be allowed to live. Their treasure allowed a bit more leveling.

Olga made it to level 2. Contemptor went from level 1 to level 3. Teladas earned level 4. Sonah nearly died, but after taking some time to recover, she will advance 2 levels to level 4

Session 28

Day 174

Timeline advanced to let Olga heal up. Eric launched a new character, a Magic-User as well as running Rowan the thief. Ashlee ran her cleric. Cody running an Illusionist/Fighter. No Tony this week.

Exploring the second level of the dungeon. Encountered a demonic dentist with a Succubus receptionist. Cody managed to banish the dentist using the name on his diploma (Barachiel Weisenstein). Receptionist distracted, but still a potential threat (Down 12 hp)

More mapping reveals an access to the surface on the second level, as well as a room full of mannequins and a skeletal band.

Rowan leveled, 14 days training time.

Session 27

Day 165 (June 25)

Killed some more ants. Found a secret door in time to avoid a random encounter.

Headed down to the second level of the dungeon. Successfully killed the orc guards and achieved vengeance upon the Bombadier beetle I had named Ringo. For all their hard work, I granted them XP from looting their previous corpses.

Gnome illusionist went to 0 hp, but suffered no long term effects. Good XP and loot this session, but no leveling.

Session 26

Day 163 (June 23)

Fought more ants with the help of a gnome illusionist (Cody) and a dwarven fighter (Tony’s henchman) named Olga. Olga went below 0 hit points and requires 10 days recovery time.

Day 164 (June 24)

Checking for more secret doors, the party found one and killed the whip scorpion behind it.

Session 25

Day 150

Cleric only session this time. Ashlee and Tony both brought their clerics and nobody else showed up.

Today, they explored more of the southwestern corner of the first level, discovering an alternate access to the second level, but also getting infected with ear seekers. They hurried back to town and got remove disease cast on the ASAP.

Day 151

More exploration, including discovering the other end of the teleport trap that they first discovered back on Day 48.

Near death by giant ants. The two clerics were rescued by adventuring dwarves. Once fully recovered, Tony hawked his healing services for a day, earning 400 gp that he donated directly to the Dwarven Ale Fund. The dwarves were so impressed with the gesture that they have granted Tony’s cleric a henchman, a dwarven fighter.

Session 24

Day 133(May 21)

Due to training times, we decided to skip ahead so that we didn’t have to keep rolling new characters for every treasure haul. The party was Ashlee’s Fighter/Mage (second level in each), Eric’s Paladin and Tony’s thief (that he hadn’t played in ages).

Cleared out the cult. Two dwarven clerics of Demogorgon and an assassin. Not far from there, they discovered a room lined with metal and a magically locked puzzle door. It was a pretty healthy stash, especially when Ashlee roll a 100 on the gem table. Everyone there gained multiple levels on the spot.

Day 134 (May 22)

Before they all went off to class training, they decided to fill out a little bit more of the map. They went back to the snake fountain to check out the last passage leading off of it. They found the birds nesting grounds, but no treasure. Fought off a few snakes.

They all then proceeded to train up.

Ashlee’s Fighter/Mage is now Fighter 4/ Magic User 3 when she returns on Day 181 (July 16)
Eric’s Paladin is now level 4 when he returns on Day 180 (July 15)
Tony’s Thief was the most dramatic, achieving level 5 from level 1, but requiring 82 days of training. He’ll be available on Day 214 (August 21)

We will reconvene on Day 150(June 10) with Ashlee’s Cleric, Tony’s Cleric, Eric’s Fighter, and Cody’s choice of Ranger or Druid.

Session 23

Day 114 (May 2)

Found a nicely stocked pantry and a room full of fungus with a staff. Fought some evil clerics and scored a nice little bit of magical gear and a goodly treasure hall. Just on the mundane treasure, we’ve got at least 1 character leveling.

Unfortunately, we did not have an old school DMG on hand for magic item prices, or else we would have total XP for the session. We’re going to figure that out next session and see who’s leveling and training next session.

Ashlee’s cleric suffered a near-death experience and will need 8 days to recover.

Session 22

Day 111 (April 27)

Eric’s Paladin, Cody’s ranger and Ashlee’s fighter/mage and cleric cleared out the rest of the Bloody Axe orcs, then discovered a fountain that spits out snakes. The snakes gave a sickening poison to the Pally and ranger, requiring downtime before they were able to successfully escape.

Pally requires 1 day of downtime. Ranger needs 2 days to recover from poison.

This party can resume adventuring on Day 114 (May 2)

Bills: 10 gp banking fee
Inn: 5 gp per adventurer (Ashlee x2, Eric x2, Cody x2, Tony x2, Kelly) 45 gp total


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